Burn Injury Attorney in Memphis, Tennessee

Advocating For Burn Victims After Serious Or Catastrophic Accidents

Victims of burn injuries often face painful recovery periods and may be subjected to numerous surgeries to repair the damage caused by their burns. The extensive medical attention and surgeries burn victims require can leave them facing dire financial straits in addition to the pain of their injuries.

At Blount Law Firm, our lawyers are committed to helping personal injury victims suffering from a range of injuries, including serious or catastrophic burn injuries. For more than 70 years, our family-owned firm has been devoted to holding negligent parties responsible for the damage they cause, including burn injuries inflicted upon innocent victims. Whether you have been injured by a defective product or through the negligent actions of another driver or party, we will fight to help you recover the compensation you need to cover the medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other losses stemming from your injuries.

Causes Of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can result in life-changing injuries after accidents such as:

  • Motor vehicle collisions — involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, trains, ATVs and other recreational vehicles

  • Product defects — including faulty electrical devices, defective appliances and unsafe product designs

  • Unsafe properties — caused by property owner negligence

  • Construction accidents — involving electrocution caused by faulty wiring or unsafe working conditions

  • House fires — caused by faulty appliances, electronics, space and water heaters, construction mistakes and more

Determining Compensation For Burn Injuries

Regardless of the cause of your burn injuries, we have the experience and knowledge needed to help you pursue compensation and justice for your losses. Over our years in practice, we have successfully represented countless injury victims, often helping them find the financial assistance they needed to focus on their physical recovery rather than worry over how they will pay their bills.

Compensation is generally determined by the following factors and more:

  • The degree of burn injury

  • The percentage of skin affected by the burn

  • Disfigurement

  • Lack of mobility

  • Potential for employment

Our firm offers more than legal guidance, however. We also provide the emotional support you need during this difficult time in your life. Burn injuries often leave victims with a lot of questions and few answers. We will work to provide the information you need to understand your case and your options for pursuing justice for your injuries.

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If you have been burned in an accident that was caused by another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. It is vital you speak with an attorney as quickly as possible after your accident so as not to run into the statute of limitations in Tennessee and miss your opportunity to recover compensation.

We can help you shoulder your legal burdens in an effort to give you the chance to recover from your physical injuries. To do so, we offer free consultations and charge legal fees only if we are successful in helping you recover compensation for your losses. Contact Blount Law Firm today for more information about your legal options.