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5 dangerous habits that lead to distracted driving

Every day, you see distracted drivers. Maybe you're dropping your children off at school and you see other parents on the phone while they drive through the school zone. Maybe you're heading out for lunch and you see drivers texting at every stoplight -- and often not putting their phones down when traffic starts moving again. Perhaps you're walking through the neighborhood when you see a friend drive by, turned all the way around to talk to his or her children in the back of the car.

No matter the specifics, you see distractions everywhere. You've heard the statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 1,200 people get hurt every day in distracted driving accidents, while 15 people pass away.

A brain injury's impact could have unexpected implications

It's hard to know exactly what will happen after a person suffers a head injury. Until the individual goes through medical tests and has time to heal, there's little anyone can say about how the individual will heal. The truth is that head injuries are all different, and what causes very little trauma in one person could lead to devastating consequences in another.

Brain injuries happen as a result of impact in most cases of accidents. For instance, you might fall from a ladder at work or get into a serious car crash while on the way to a meeting. When your brain impacts your skull in any way, there's a potential for serious injury including an acute concussion.

These ladder safety tips could help save you from an accident

Depending on your profession, using a ladder may be second nature. For example, if you work in the construction or roofing industry, you probably use a ladder almost every day of your life.

While there are many reasons to use a ladder, here's something to remember: Accidents can and do happen every now and again. And as you can imagine, a fall from a ladder can cause serious injury or even death.

5 tips for avoiding a winter car crash

The winter season has the potential to be dangerous for drivers. People may travel too quickly, drive through a massive puddle or hit patches of ice, so they hydroplane or slide and cause crashes.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the risk of injuries and crashes. Here are five things you can do to prevent accidents this winter.

  • Have your vehicle inspected

Truck accidents: serious damage, serious injuries

When standard-sized cars collide with fully loaded commercial vehicles, the smaller vehicles almost always lose the proverbial fight. Occupants of passenger cars and trucks, even after considering safety innovations like steel compartment cages, surrounding airbags and crumple zones, often suffer serious injuries or tragically lose their lives.

Fully loaded semi-trucks and tractor-trailers easily weigh 50, 60, 70,000 pounds or more. Even the largest SUVs and passenger trucks only weigh about 6,000 pounds, however, and cars are even lighter. The force produced by a semi moving at highway speed is simply overwhelming on a smaller vehicle. 

On-the-job head injuries are a serious matter

Injuries on the job should always be taken seriously, but some employers seem to believe that they can dictate how quickly an employee recovers after a workplace accident. This can prove especially true when the an employee suffers a mild brain injury, because there are usually no visible signs of the injury and it is tempting to assume that the employee can return to work safely before he or she finishes healing.

Very few people truly understand the scope of harm that a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) poses. Even the victims themselves often do not realize how many areas of their daily lives suffer from the symptoms.

Exploding sunroofs on the rise

Anything can happen when you’re riding in a car. Drivers are trained to keep their eyes on the road, so it’s beyond surprising when an incident comes from overhead. Over the past 20 years, though, sunroofs have exploded in more than 200 different car models.

Imagine driving down the highway and there’s a loud bang, followed by a shower of glass fragments. Drivers and passengers are cut by the glass, often in the head, shoulder and arms. The sudden breakage is loud, also making your ears ring. Imagine safely navigating traffic through such a surprise. It could happen when merging onto a highway at a high speed, while changing lanes or making a sharp turn.

Memphis Suit Filed for Bad Hospital Billing

Memphis Hospital Engages in Illegal Billing Practice: On top of all the other problems that can be caused by a car wreck, the last thing an injury victim needs is to have the billing office of the hospital where she receives medical treatment try to rip her off. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens when a hospital attempts to "balance bill" a patient. Balance billing is an illegal attempt by a medical provider to collect more money than the provider is entitled to collect from a patient's health insurance. Essentially, the hospital is attempting to deprive you of the discount you bought and paid for with your monthly health insurance premiums. 

The who, the what, and the when of wrongful death

The loss of a loved one is devastating. This blow can be worse when the death is unexpected. It can be anger-inducing when the death is due to negligence. You may feel helpless. It hurts to know that a careless act took your loved ones life. There is no way to bring your loved one back, but you may seek a wrongful death lawsuit.

Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit?

Car accidents high among teen drivers

Teens have a higher risk for a car accident at any time, but the summer months are the worst, according to the study. The AAA reported that accidents involving teenagers ages 16 to 19 increase by 15 percent in the summer months.

Lack of experience, distractions causes of accidents among teens


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