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Are you worried about your aging parent’s ability to drive?

As your parent ages, you may wonder if it is still safe for him or her to drive. Maybe you have noticed that your parent is having trouble focusing, gets confused easily or is unable to explain new dents in his or her car. Maybe you have not noticed anything in particular, but you want to be more aware of the signs to look for.

Age affects driving ability in several ways, but it is often difficult for older adults to realize how age may be impacting them. If you are worried about your aging mother or father, it may be appropriate for you to take action to protect your parent as well as others on the road.

Young nurse and another woman hit and killed on shoulder

A 23-year-old nurse had recently landed a new job. While she was from Pennsylvania originally, she was in Tennessee.

She was going to her job around 2:00 a.m., something that is common for medical professionals, when she had car trouble. She stopped her vehicle and got out. Another woman stopped to see if she could help in any way, and she also got out of her car. She was 38 years old.

3 reasons some kids shoplift

A police car pulls into your driveway, and your child is riding sheepishly in the back seat. It's not a moment you ever wanted to experience, but it's here. The officer explains that your child, whom you thought was just hanging out with friends at the mall, got caught shoplifting.

You're shocked that your child would participate in something that they know is wrong. How could they do this? The reason may be fairly simple. Here are three potential reasons that children shoplift, according to experts:

  1. If your child is very young, they may honestly not understand that they have to pay for something before leaving the store with it. They may grab something they want without telling you and walk out of the store with it.
  2. Even when your child does know stealing is wrong, there is still an issue with self-control. Children break the rules all the time. Your child may regret it after getting caught, but they may have simply decided to risk it in the moment. Perhaps they didn't know any other way to get an item they could not afford or that you directly told them they could not buy.
  3. If your child is a teenager, then you have to consider things like peer pressure and the "thrill" of breaking the law. Many teens shoplift because they're bored, and they think it will be fun. Maybe their peers goad them into doing it, and they desperately want to fit in with the group.

1 person dead after accident in Tennessee

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of accidental death every year in the United States, and a recent wreck in Tennessee showed how they continue to be a problem despite modern safety advancements. It is important for all drivers to be aware of the risk whenever they get behind the wheel.

In this recent crash, reports show that multiple vehicles were involved. The accident happened out on I-26, by mile marker 20, in the eastbound lanes. One person was killed, though there are no details out yet about other injuries in the accident. We do know that the incident happened after midnight and that police had to take the time to clear both the eastbound lanes and the westbound lanes, suggesting a certain amount of mayhem.

Men get in far more motorcycle accidents than women

Wondering what the odds are that you will be seriously injured or even killed in a motorcycle accident? One key thing to consider, before you even get on your bike, is your gender.

In short, if you're a man, you face far greater odds of getting in that traumatic crash than if you're a woman.

What are some signs of cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a potentially serious disorder that children can suffer from when they do not get enough oxygen during the delivery process. This can happen for a lot of different reasons, including doctor error. When the supply gets cut off at such a critical time in a child's development, the ramifications can last for life.

However, you may not know that your child even has cerebral palsy right away. Since it's a developmental disorder, the signs and symptoms show up over time. What should you watch out for? A few potential symptoms include:

  • Trouble eating. For a very young baby that is breastfeeding, this could mean trouble sucking.
  • Only using one side -- one arm or one leg, for instance -- or significantly favoring that side.
  • Suffering from notable involuntary movements, such as tremors.
  • Stiffness. This can mean stiffness in muscle tone or an inability to move part of his or her body.
  • Developmental delays. When the child is expected to have learned things like speech, they'll lag behind their peers.
  • Trouble walking. The child may have an abnormal gait or walk on their toes.
  • Problems with coordination. This could be related to the other issues listed above.

How much money can you receive for your car accident case?

Right off the bat, most personal injury plaintiffs want to know how much they're going to receive for their car accident lawsuit. This is understandable. We're all human after all, and we have a lot of different financial obligations. If you're suffering from injuries after an accident, you have even more financial obligations related to medical bills and you might not be able to work, so your income has vanished.

The question of how much money you're going to receive is vital to your future. Nevertheless, it's literally an impossible question to answer. This kind of information is revealed with time. Before you can file your case, you'll need to estimate damages and arrive at an amount to claim in your lawsuit. But this is only what you're asking for. It's not necessarily what you'll ultimately receive.

Compensable damages related to medical expenses

Most people can't afford to pay for medical care without the assistance of a good insurance policy to pay for the lion's share of the costs. This can be a serious problem for anyone who isn't lucky enough to have medical insurance – and that's why the successful pursuit of a personal injury claim after an injurious car accident is particularly important for the uninsured.

If you suffered injuries in a car accident caused by another party's negligence or wrongful behavior, and if you required expensive medical care, you could be in for a rude awakening – and several lifetimes worth of bills – after the hospital gives you its invoice. That being said, by pursuing a personal injury claim, you might be able to get the money you need.

Study finds a third of U.S teens text while driving

It can be nerve racking knowing that you may be sharing the road with a 16 year-old-driver who lacks the experience of responsible driving. Situations with inexperienced drivers increasingly become dangerous when they are driving during inclement weather or have a car load of their friends with them. These dangers are on top of what we already fear from a teenage driver, that they may be engaged with their phone and not paying attention to the road.

The CDC has made the estimation that nine people die every day due to distracted driving. Now there is new research that shows nearly 40 percent of teenagers have admitted to texting or sending an email while driving in the past 30 days.

Answers to 2 common questions about wrongful death claims

When it comes to the pursuit of justice after the wrongful death of someone close to you, it's likely that an infinite number of questions will be running through your mind. Although we can't answer all of those questions here, we can focus on two common questions that personal injury attorneys hear from new and current clients.

Can I pursue a wrongful death case if my loved one had a viable personal injury claim, but died before they could file the legal action?


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