Injury to Children Attorney in Memphis, Tennessee

Helping You Protect Your Children When Accidents Cause Injuries

As a parent, protecting your children from harm is among your chief concerns in life. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and children are much more susceptible to injury than adults. Even a minor accident can leave your child facing a painful recovery and you searching for answers and a means to pay for your child’s care. If your child’s injuries were the result of another party’s negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation for your child’s medical bills, wages you have lost while caring for your little one, and the pain and suffering your child unfortunately experiences.

At Blount Law Firm, we have represented accident victims in the greater Collierville area for more than 70 years. As a family-owned business with children of our own, we understand the worry and fear you feel over your child’s injuries. We also understand the frustration and anger you may feel watching your child suffer and the worry you may have over the financial costs of the accident.

Our legal team is committed to ensuring that your child receives the quality care and medical attention he or she deserves, and we will stop at nothing to help you hold the negligent party responsible for its actions.

Start down the path toward just compensation for your child by contacting Blount Law Firm for a free consultation.

Caring Child Injury Representation From Fellow Parents

Our knowledge of personal injury law allows us to assist parents whose children have been injured in a wide range of accidents. With the fragile nature of our children, it is important to ensure that they receive the quality medical care and treatment they deserve for broken bones, head injuries, cuts and contusions, and soft tissue injuries.

We are capable of handling cases involving these types of accidents and more:

  • Car accidents — including rollover, rear-end, head-on and T-bone collisions

  • Truck accidents — including jackknife and tip-over accidents involving one or more vehicles

  • Drunk driving accidents — involving drugs or alcohol

  • Pedestrian accidents — including accidents involving people and bicyclists on sidewalks, along city and neighborhood streets, and on the shoulder

  • Defective product incidents — including defective or unsafe children’s toys and products, dangerous household products, unsafe appliances and other product defects

  • Premises liability incidents — including dog bites, slip-and-falls, trip-and-falls, falling furniture or heavy household items, and general homeowner negligence

We will fight aggressively to help you obtain compensation for your losses. Whether we are able to negotiate a favorable settlement or need to take your case to trial, we will not rest until you find justice for the pain your child experiences because of another party’s negligent actions.

Did your child suffer catastrophic injuries? We can make sure the settlement offer from insurance takes into account the full extent of your child’s injuries, which may require extensive time in the hospital, multiple surgeries or visits with doctors and specialists, physical therapy, pain medication and counseling services for anxiety or another related psychological condition.

Speak With A Lawyer To Learn More About Your Rights

With your child suffering, complicated legal proceedings are probably the last thing you want to worry about. We know how stressful legal matters can be, especially when they involve children, and will make every effort to alleviate your worry and anxiety.

We offer free consultations to give you the chance to discuss your case with one of our attorneys without obligation. We also provide our representation on a contingent-fee basis, meaning if we aren’t successful in helping you recover compensation for your child’s injuries, you are not responsible for any legal fees.