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Your First Meeting With Us

Your First Meeting With Us

Our family-owned law firm is committed to helping victims injured in accidents. Your first meeting at Blount Law Firm will help you learn about your options after an injury and how hiring an attorney can help you find a resolution after an accident.

What To Expect At Our First Meeting

At our first meeting, we will get to know you and learn about your family, your work-life and the events leading up to your injury. We will want to know what happened, how you got hurt and what your expectations are in your case.

Once we know what happened, we will want to start collecting and preserving evidence. Documents we will want to review include:

  • Photos from the scene of the accident

  • The accident report or police report

  • Medical records and bills for your injury

  • Insurance policy information

  • Your driver’s license

  • Contact information for the other parties involved and any witnesses

Be Careful What You Say About Your Injury

Do not talk to anyone except your lawyer and your doctor about your case. It is equally important to not share any details of your case on social media. Let us worry about handling all aspects of your claim so you can focus on getting better.

Let Us Advocate For You

We will take care of everything for you. All we will ask of you is that you go to the doctor and follow your doctor’s advice for recovery. We will make updates on your recovery in case any major medical care such as surgery or a referral to a specialist is required as this can impact the compensation we seek in your claim.

We represent individuals and families in Collierville and throughout Shelby County, Madison County and McNairy County. For more than 70 years, our law firm has helped victims protect their futures after an accident. We are here to help you, too.

Contacted By A Telemarketing Company Or Lawyer?

You may be contacted by an attorney or telemarketer after a car accident. They may lie and say they are from an insurance company or pressure you into seeing a specific doctor or lawyer. Trust us; you do not want to hire this type of attorney or law firm. Telemarketing after a car crash is common — but you do not have to put up with it. We can help you learn about your legal options and make sure you are protected.

Schedule Your First Meeting With Us

Want to learn more about what to expect when you meet with us? Arrange your free consultation to meet with our attorneys.