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Being injured in any type of car accident can be a frightening and confusing experience. Unfortunately, when the at-fault driver is found to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the complexities of your personal injury case can increase exponentially.

Drunk driving accident cases involve a great deal more investigation by police than regular car accidents do and include criminal proceedings that may be key to recovering compensation for victims’ losses. Should the at-fault driver be found guilty of operating under the influence, the likelihood of the victim recovering compensation for his or her losses increases greatly.

At Blount Law Firm in Tennessee, we have represented drunk driving accident victims in the area for more than 70 years. Our accident attorney and the team have the knowledge and insight to help you understand your rights as a victim as well as the unique issues pertaining to DUI-related accident cases, including dram shop liability.

By helping you understand your rights and what you may be able to expect from your proceedings, we hope to help you make strong decisions throughout your pursuit of just compensation for your losses, including medical bills, lost wages and more.

Uniquely Suited To Proving Fault In A Drunk Driving Accident

While the process of recovering compensation for injuries suffered in a drunk driving accident may be similar to any other type of car accident, DUI accident cases also involve criminal proceedings that may impact the compensation process. In many cases, insurance companies may make low offers to victims in hopes of getting them to settle for less money than their case is worth, leaving the victim holding the bag for unpaid medical bills in the future.

In DUI accident cases, should the at-fault driver be found guilty of DUI resulting in an accident in a criminal trial, the victim is afforded greater leverage when dealing with insurance companies.

To prove negligence in a drunk driving accident, the following must be present:.

  • Duty: The driver owed it to the other driver to drive safely and carefully.

  • Breach of duty: The driver failed to provide such safe and careful driving.

  • Causation: This failure resulted in an accident that harmed the victim.

  • Damages: The victim was injured as a direct result of the driver’s actions.

Our knowledge of both personal injury law and criminal law allows us to offer insightful guidance throughout drunk driving accident cases and gives us the ability to help you clearly understand the process before you as well as the rights you have for seeking compensation for your injuries. Having represented many clients in misdemeanor cases in the Greater Collierville area, we have solid relationships with prosecutors and judges, allowing us to keep abreast of the criminal proceedings related to your accident.

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Of course, from the very start of our representation, we will make every effort to preserve valuable evidence and will begin the process of negotiating a favorable settlement with the insurance companies immediately. Should a settlement prove to be impossible or against your best interests, we will take your case to court to help you prove your losses and the other party’s negligence leading to your injuries.

If you have been injured in a car accident involving a drunk driver, you need a lawyer who understands both sides of your case and can offer the information you need to make strong decisions throughout your pursuit of justice.