Beware of Telemarketing Calls After a Car Accident

Blount Law Firm PLLC May 18, 2021

You experienced serious auto accident injuries after another driver ran a red light. You cannot go back to work but have mounting medical bills. Just a few days after the wreck, you get a phone call from someone who says they can help you sue the responsible driver.

While you may benefit from legal advice in this situation, these telemarketing callers are actually part of a scam that has targeted state residents for at least three years according to the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.

Watch for These Red Flags

TDIC reports that these calls may begin days or even hours after an auto accident. The scammers offer to provide assistance for the injured person, typically posing as an insurance agent, law enforcement officer, attorney, state representative or victim advocate. Often, they will ask to refer you to an “accident clinic” and try to gather personal information.

If you do go to the so-called clinic, you will likely meet a doctor who tries to get you to exaggerate your pain. He or she might say that you need to come back for many treatments.

Know How To Proceed

Do not answer calls and texts from people you do not know, especially if they ask for details about the accident. You do not have an obligation to talk to an insurance agent or anyone else.

See your own provider for medical care for auto accident injuries. Do not respond to calls or letters from unknown doctors who contact you after the crash.

To avoid auto accident scams like this one, ask for advice after a wreck from a qualified personal injury attorney who practices in Tennessee.