What to Do when Involved in A Hit-And-Run Accident

Blount Law Firm PLLC Jan. 22, 2020

Hit-and-run accidents are difficult to deal with, especially if you are the victim. When a hit-and-run results in personal injury, you must depend on others for action. This includes requesting relevant information about the accident.

When the other party flees the scene of an accident, you must be proactive. It is up to you to give an accurate account of the details to the authorities. If you find yourself involved in or a witness to a hit-and-run accident, here are some points to consider:

  • Documentation: Make a mental note of the accident details and the other car, including the license plate. If possible, use your cellphone to snap some quick photos of the fleeing vehicle & the area. Instead of guessing the make, model and year of the other car, you will have verifiable evidence. Your saved images establish a time and location of the accident. Your photos also verify damage to the other car and which direction it headed.

  • Witnesses: Scan the area for other drivers and pedestrians. Ask if they can supply any information about the accident. If so, get their names and contact information. Ask them to give the police an official statement before they leave the accident scene.

  • Reporting: Call the police as soon as possible to report any accident you are in. If you are unable to, ask someone to call on your behalf. Additionally, notify your insurance company of the accident. Your carrier needs to access the official accident report to proceed with your claim.

Finally, never leave the accident scene. Resist the urge to follow the other driver. This action puts you in a vulnerable position, as you risk the opportunity to obtain witnesses. Establishing fault is difficult to prove once both parties leave the scene.

If a hit-and-run includes personal injury, you must rely on your own insurance company for medical payments. The goal of law enforcement is to find the other driver and hold them accountable. Do your part to help them succeed.