Tennessee: A Dangerous Place for Motorcyclists?

Blount Law Firm PLLC Aug. 16, 2018

Motorcyclists can face significant safety risks when out riding. Sadly, thousands of motorcyclists lose their lives out on America’s roads each year. For example, the motorcyclist fatality total for the nation in 2016 was 5,286.

An unfortunate reality for motorcyclists in today’s world is that they can face a higher likelihood of dying out on the roads than occupants of cars. An analysis of traffic fatality data points to the fatality rate for passengers and operators being six times higher for motorcycles than it is for passenger cars here in the United States.

And unfortunately, that analysis also suggests that Tennessee might be a particularly deadly place for motorcycle riders and passengers. According to this analysis, when it comes to rate of motorcyclist deaths per 100,000 registered vehicles, Tennessee has the 8th highest in the nation.

Why do you think this rate is so high? What do you think are the biggest safety challenges motorcyclists in the state face?

One thing that can create major dangers for motorcycle operators and passengers is other motorists not respecting their rights out on the roads. This includes things like drivers not watching for motorcyclists or engaging in distracted, aggressive fatigued or careless driving around them. This could lead to drivers hitting or cutting in front of motorcyclists. How good of a job do you think Tennessee drivers do when it comes to acting safely and responsibly around motorcyclists? What would you most like to see drivers in the state improve in on this front?