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Safety First, What to Know Before Your Children Go Swimming

Blount Law Firm PLLC July 3, 2018

Before your kids head out to the pool this summer, please prepare them.

The kids just want to have fun. As parents, first and foremost, you want your children to be safe. About 10 people die from drowning on a day-to-day basis. Amongst children from ages 1 to 14, unintentional drowning is the second leading cause of death. No need to push the panic button. As long as they take a few safety precautions, they can enjoy the waters. Remember, teaching your children how to swim may be a lifesaving skill.

Get Children Comfortable in Waters

Before setting your children free in the pools, make sure they know how to swim. Once they know how to navigate the waters, they will get a feel for what areas of the pool they are comfortable treading. For example, if one does not float as well they will know they need to avoid swimming in the deep end. For beginners, it may be a smart move to equip them with a life jacket to keep them afloat when learning the basics of swimming until they feel comfortable swimming without one.

Follow the Pool House Rules

Knowing how to swim is step one. Teaching your kids pool smarts, such as obeying the site’s rules at the pool, is step two towards safety. These rules include smarts such as “no running by the pool,” which is important because one could slip on the wet surface near the pool. “Do not dive into the shallow end” is another important rule as doing such could possibly lead to a serious injury. Avoiding horseplay in the pool is just as important. Pretending to drown a friend could get out of hand in a hurry leading to something serious. Teaching your kids to be smart will go a long way in helping to ensure their safety at the pool.

Protect Children from The Sun

Before your children head out to the pool, be sure they are protected from the sun. Applying sunscreen to one’s body is good practice year round when the sun is out; however, it is crucial during the summer months when there is more exposure to the sun. Wearing sunscreen will help prevent sunburn. What you do now could possibly affect your children’s future as it only takes a few bad cases of sunburn to lead to skin cancer later on in their life.

Now that you are equipped with safety practices for your children to apply, they are all set to enjoy the pool all summer long.