Product Liability and What to Do with The Item that Harmed You

Blount Law Firm PLLC Nov. 14, 2018

Whether it is a defective drug, a faulty auto part or simply a dangerous household product, your first instinct after suffering injury is to dispose of the product. As product liability attorneys, we want you to know that this is a mistake and may have a negative effect on any legal solution you may wish to pursue.

Unless the product poses an immediate and serious danger to you or to others, it is crucial to preserve the item in the same condition it was in when you were injured. Like other residents of Tennessee, you may wonder what this means and what you should actually do with the product. We will offer you a few tips to keep you from suffering additional injuries while preserving the product as evidence.

Preservation of the item in question, as well as any other evidence, is essential in a product liability case. One of the most important steps to take after acquiring medical care and photographing your injuries is to meet with an attorney. This is critical whether you simply need assistance with your insurance claims or if you plan to pursue a lawsuit. Other important tips include:

  • Do not throw the item out or otherwise have it destroyed

  • Do not give it to any investigators unless your lawyer tells you to

  • Have your attorney place the item in a locked secure location (e.g. a safe)

  • Photograph the product in detail

  • Have your lawyer secure any images and documentation with the defective product

These actions can go a long way toward helping you prove your case and acquiring the compensation you deserve after suffering an injury by a defective product. We encourage you all to keep reading if you need to learn more about product liability claims.