Personal Injury Lawyer Tips

Blount Law Firm PLLC June 14, 2015

Choosing a personal injury lawyer may seem like a daunting task after a personal injury occurs, but this shouldn’t be rushed. Follow these tips to help find the right personal injury lawyer for you:

  1. Do not hire the first lawyer you speak with. Although this may be tempting, it is best to contact many personal injury lawyers to see who will fit your case best. However, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can-the sooner you call, the sooner you will be able to get the necessary paperwork and evidence for the insurance claims and court process.

  2. Experience counts, but make sure you’re basing it on the right facts. Ask about success rates and see how many cases they have handled in your particular category of need. Many lawyers are not as focused on their client as they should be, and work hard to get your case over with and move on to the next. Be sure your lawyer is dedicated to you.

  3. Getting along with your personal injury attorney is crucial. It’s not something most think about, but you deserve to be treated with respect and given individual attention when you need it most. Ask how often you’ll be updated on the status of your case, make sure your attorney is easy to get ahold of (at reasonable times, etc.), and make sure he is giving you as much information as possible.

  4. Make sure your attorney is specialized in personal injury cases. There are many ins and outs of state laws that unexperienced lawyers could easily look over. If your lawyer is specialized, the more likely he or she is to help you through the process, quickly and thoroughly, so as to speed up the progression of your case with the necessary details.

  5. Does your lawyer have a good reputation? Go to the source-their website. Typically, websites have testimonials. Previously, people could post whatever they wanted as a testimonial-true or false. But the FTC requires that site owners have proof of real testimonials. It might also help to use a lawyer that you have heard of through a friend or family member. Obviously, no one will refer someone who does their job poorly, so when a trusted relative or friend tells you they had an excellent experience, take their opinion seriously into account.