Even Misdemeanor Criminal Convictions Have Serious Consequences

Blount Law Firm PLLC Aug. 22, 2018

Being labeled a criminal due to a conviction of any kind usually carries long-term consequences. Yet most Tennessee residents fail to take misdemeanor charges seriously. In many cases, people simply do not realize that misdemeanor criminal convictions can change their lives for the worse in significant ways. This lack of understanding often means that defendants do not seek the criminal defense assistance they need to overcome such charges.

In our law firm, we have come to understand the many ways a conviction on misdemeanor charges makes life more difficult for people. Unfortunately, these hardships do not go away after a defendant has paid for his or her alleged crime in accordance with the law. Instead, the fallout of such convictions affect a defendant’s professional or personal life in the following ways.

  • Loss of employment opportunities: If potential employers find a misdemeanor conviction in your past, it may cost you lucrative job opportunities.

  • Renting or purchasing a home: Many home lenders view even minor criminal convictions as a warning sign that the person may not be trustworthy. Property managers and owners may also be reluctant to rent a home to someone with a criminal history.

  • Reputation damage: Because most criminal records are available for public viewing, a conviction could damage your reputation. This can cause hardships in your personal life as well as your professional life.

As criminal defense attorneys, we cannot overemphasize the importance of defending yourself in the face of both felony and misdemeanor charges. Taking a proactive role in your defense can protect your rights, your freedom and your future. Please visit our firm online to acquire additional information about developing a solid criminal defense.