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Signs of a concussion after a workplace accident

| Jun 26, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

You fall at work. You’re on the top of a ladder when someone bumps it and you lose your balance. You don’t fall far, but you hit your head on the way down. Everything goes dark for a moment, and then you wake up to find people looking down at you.

You’re not sure how bad the injury is. You think you may have a concussion, which is a brain injury. What signs should you be looking for? A few of them include:

  • You feel very tired and drowsy, and it’s hard for you to stay awake or wake up.
  • The pupil in one eye is bigger than the one in your opposite eye.
  • You have a serious headache. Rather than fading, it just gets worse and will not go away.
  • You feel numb or weak.
  • You start slurring your words, and others notice the changes in your speech pattern.
  • You feel confused.
  • You don’t remember the accident and/or struggle with other memories from the day.
  • You throw up or feel nauseated.
  • You suffer from convulsions or seizures.
  • You are easily agitated.
  • Your eyes are very sensitive to light.

Above all else, the fact that you lost consciousness in the fall is a significant warning sign and means you must seek medical assistance right away. It doesn’t matter if you were only unconscious for just for a few seconds or maybe not at all. A concussion is still very serious.

As you move forward, make sure you also know what rights you may have to seek workers’ compensation and perhaps to civil legal remedies.