Rear End Accidents

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Rear end collisions can be one of the most complicated car accidents to deal with from a legal standpoint. In many cases, victims of rear end collision accidents do not instantly notice an injury. Unfortunately, lasting injuries like whiplash, neck or shoulder soreness and even brain damage may later appear, leading to extensive treatment and medical bills. Even more unfortunate is the fact that some of these injuries may present themselves after a settlement has already been accepted, making it difficult for victims to obtain compensation for their full and true losses.

At the Blount Law Firm, PLLC, our skilled legal team, led by a practiced Collierville rear end collision lawyer, has the experience and the knowledge needed to help victims facing even the most complicated legal situations. Our knowledge of personal injury laws and experience dealing with insurance companies allows us to offer the insight you need to understand your case and your options for pursuing compensation for your losses, both for immediately obvious and potential future conditions.

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Common Causes of Rear-End Collisions

If you have been involved in a rear end collision, even a minor fender bender, it is in your best interests to consult an attorney, and to seek a thorough examination by a licensed medical professional. By speaking to an attorney immediately after your accident, you may be able to avoid unforeseen hardship in the future.

We handled numerous rear end collision cases stemming from a many situations, including:

  • A careless driver striking a car stopped at a light or stop sign
  • A reckless driver illegally changing lanes on the freeway
  • A driver texting and failing to see stopped traffic
  • A driver stopping for a pedestrian or animal in the roadway and being rear ended

Whatever the cause of your accident may be, it is important to understand your rights and your legal options for holding the negligent driver liable for your losses, including any medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering resulting from the crash.

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Even the most minor rear end collisions can lead to lasting damage. If you have been rear ended, consult a doctor, and then call us. We offer free consultations to give you the chance to discuss your case without obligation, and provide our services on a contingent fee basis meaning that you only pay legal fees if we are successful in helping you obtain compensation.

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