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No Witness to Your Work Place Injury? What You Should Do

Blount Law Firm PLLC Nov. 9, 2018

When a workplace accident occurs, it is up to the employee to prove that it was an on-the-job accident before they can qualify for workers compensation. This is typically done by building up a preponderance of evidence. This evidence will usually include documenting key factors relating to the accident and presenting witness testimony. However, what if there was no witness around to vouch for the accident? While it is more difficult to prove a workplace injury case without a witness, it can certainly be done. Here are a few things you should do following your injury that can greatly enhance your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

Report the Injury Right Away

Whenever you are injured at work, you should report it to your employer immediately and then see a doctor. It can be natural to try and shrug off the injury or hope that it will go away. However, by documenting the injury right away, you will help give validation that the injury you suffered did happen at the time and place you reported. Immediate reporting will also show that you are being honest and forthcoming about your situation.

It’s in The Details

Since you will have to be your own witness in the report, you should be as detailed as you can about the circumstances. You may even want to try and give a broader view of the situation than just from your own point of view. For example, describe the surroundings in full detail and what happened leading up to the accident. Provide the exact location of the accident and what time it happened. You do not need to admit any fault, just explain the details of what occurred.

Be Open and Honest with Your Doctor

Since your doctor may be the closest thing you have to a witness to your injury, you should thoroughly explain every symptom you have. What you tell your doctor and how they treat you will be recorded and will be an important part of the evidence when the insurance company is reviewing your compensation request. If you exaggerate or downplay your injuries to your doctor, it can have a negative effect on your outcome.

You do not need to feel concerned if you suffered an injury at work without a witness statement to back you up. It will be important however to document what happened thoroughly and work with your doctor. Doing this can provide the most accurate information about your situation as possible.